Friday, January 04, 2013


Phewee it's a stinker today isn't it, currently sitting over 40C.  Of course today was Leila's party, outdoors, in the park, in this weather, hence the red faces!

We brought the start forward as early as we could (9:15am) to try and avoid the worst of the heat.  Leila's request was to have a party with her friends, playing tiggy in the park with some cake.  Can't really argue with that, even given the weather, it's a pretty undemanding request.  My oh my it was hot and although they did run around for the first 45 minutes, they then crashed and were content to play chinese whispers and eat watermelon and icypoles.  One and a half hours went pretty quick.

A woodland cake was requested, and delivered.  It was cute, but it's tough when so many little friends are in the photos, I wouldn't dream of posting full face photos unless I'd discussed with the parents in question, so this was a snap I took at home thinking (rightly) that the buttercream would instantaneously self destruct when the sun hit it!  The cake's quite similar to last year, Leila's request - a woodland theme.  They always look better from a distance.

We'll bunker down for the rest of the day, hide from the sun, read our books, perhaps watch a movie, play with some new toys and just get through.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely party. The cake is beautiful. Enjoy.

Sarah said...

Sweet 6! Love both the photos!

Dh cousin got married on our 41 degree day here is Tassie and the church and reception was a furnace. I felt so bad for them. BUt everyone kept their spirits up!