Monday, January 28, 2013


I breathe deeper just looking at these photos.  A beach we had all to ourselves; aside from sharing it with the thousands of sand flies that rode on us, unbidden, the whole time.

 It usually takes us about three days to settle into a holiday.  If I'm totally accurate, Geoff and I relax into the holiday mode quickly, but we can't truly relax until the girls catch up, get familiar with their environment and stop the constant bickering!

We slept in late, waking completely only when both girls joined us in bed, where we'd draw or read for a while, or just chat until our tummies called.

We all rinsed off each day, but the girls only washed twice in a week.  Ella both freaked me out and made me proud in equal measure, body surfing and wave jumping adult sized waves with her dad.  We all witnessed firsthand the invaluable contribution of the SLS when we witnessed two rescues on a beach that turned unpredictable and was subsequently closed.

The girls wore free HWT Australia Day hats on the day, that smelt of steak....?

We shared another of our country's national holidays with dearest of friends who have a house nearby.

I enjoyed my shorter hair and last precious days before our babe becomes a school girl.

So, today, tomorrow and then a new life begins for all of us.  What a good time to have had a holiday and clear my mind.  Stay tuned as I morph into a mum with no kids at home!

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Sandy said...

Gorgeous photos! It looks like you all had a great holiday. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures to come.