Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Raspberry, lemon and yoghurt cupcakes for the big girl.  Frosted sugar animal biscuits for the soon to be preppy.  New shoes at the ready, lunch boxes on the counter.

As with Ella we had dinner and gave Leila a watch for her first day of school, so she knows when it's time to come back to us.  She's super excited and that at least makes me happy.

Tomorrow Geoff will be home.  He's taking me for a massage and out to lunch, distracting me, as your lovely one tends to do.


sascedar said...

hope you all have a beautiful first day of school, enjoy being pampered! :)sarah

Jo said...

oh good luck today!... such a bitter-sweet moment in all your lives, i'm glad that she's so excited as I think that makes it all a bit easier.

enjoy your day with your beloved, i look forward to seeing you soon {once my little gremlins are back to school too!} x hugs x

Christelle said...

I recall almost every first day at school. This is such an event in a child's life; Enjoy your massage -)

kristi said...

i hope it went well and she is now fast asleep dreaming up tomorrow. x