Monday, January 07, 2013


Back in November you may remember that I embarked upon a limoncello journey with Jo and Julia.  45 days passed at the end of 2012, but today I got around to topping up the delicious mix with sugar syrup.

When we added the zest I was a little over enthusiastic and put in double the amount of lemons to the girls and as a result my zest remained suspended over the next month and a half, I think because it simply had nowhere to rest, it was very busy in there.  I was concerned that I would end up with very little consumable alcohol, being that it had all soaked into the zest - which I may add you throw away at some point.

When I took the lid off today the smell was amazing, pure lemon oil, no soapiness, absolutely clean and so so fresh.  I added the sugar syrup and licked the spoon - WOAH, that stuff is strong, just one lick left me with a delicious warm chest.  It also now has that gorgeous milky quality that you see in the real stuff in Italy, it looks almost creamy and viscous.  This will be consumed in very small quantities when ready, so as not to destroy too many cells along the way.

I am now setting aside for another 45 days before filtering and then perhaps using all that delicious left over zest in a weekend, adults only lemon cake.  Stay tuned.

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unfounddoor said...

ha! I'm jealous - our sicilian adventures in limoncello making last summer were not quite so successful! (although, mindful of waste, we did force ourselves to drink our way through it and it seemed to improve with age and familiarity... or maybe just the culling of tastebuds)
I'd like to try again, but it's hard to buy pure drinking alcohol here in London (not to mention our lemon tree has only one, pitiful fruit).