Wednesday, June 27, 2012


When I was a pre-teen, a couple (or so) decades ago, I found the idea of a packet cake mix a novelty.  My mother made everything from scratch because she just did and I suspect it was probably the less expensive option.  For me, packet cake mixes held great allure, they were something the other kids had in their homes. Now of course I appreciate the lessons learned from my mother's necessity and in turn love, but then I just wanted a White Wings cake.

I'm not sure if they still make this one, but White Wings used to make a cinnamon tea cake.  It had the cake mix in the larger packet and smaller packet with the cinnamon sugar mix.  You baked the cake, drizzled it with melted butter, then covered with the contents of that little white packet.

The cake was quite flat and didn't rise much, being almost completely smooth.  I've never been a binge eater, but I remember that cake, eating it hot, that it's substance was almost nothing, meaning you were cutting a second sliver before you'd swallowed the first.

This cake is a combination of my memory and modern day habits.  It's quick and easy, smells delicious and has such a fine, soft, light crumb that tonight, when I cut Geoff and I equal pieces to have after dinner, I actually jammed - yes jammed - a secret smaller piece in my mouth before I left the kitchen!  I've never been a binge eater, but this cake encourages at least a second sneaky bite.

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Sarah said...

owww I might be tempted!

I am sure I said it before but I like your header. I think of changing mine but then cannot think of any better... then stuff it!