Sunday, June 17, 2012


Last night we joined Jo, her family and friends, for a Winter Solstice celebration.  Strictly speaking we're not there yet as it's on the 21st, but it was more than close enough.

I was having far too much fun to take photos in the dark, I couldn't see the buttons!  There was a glorious fire, the kids made latterns and took a very dark walk around the edge of the property and I was pleased not to be the one who fell down.  There were toasted marshmallows, smores and today all our clothes smell like an outdoor barbecue.

The glow sticks still have a little glow left in them, at least that's what Leila tells me from under her bed with the lights switched off.


two little buttons said...

Sounds like you all had a lovely time. One day I will meet you in person. !!!!!'!!!!!!!! Would have been lovely to meet you and enjoy the night. Maybe the girls filled you in... Glad you enjoyed it.

Jo said...

so pleased that you all had a good night! ... Your children made such an impression on mine, Daisy tells me that Ella is her new best friend, and Mia has a little girl crush on Leila, I'm sure :)