Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have a habit of leaving things to the last minute.  Actually that's not quite accurate.  I have a tendency to forget time, but only when I cook.  I'm not someone who's late or keeps anyone waiting but I tend to forget timing when the oven is involved.  At 2:35 I put an apple pie in the oven to cook, knowing I would have to leave the house about 30 minutes later..  It's almost time to go and it's not quite ready....  I also have my quiche pastry blind baking and that's not quite ready either.

I don't like everything about Masterchef, but watching them all battle with quiche the other night made both Geoff and I fancy one.  Contrary to what the judges were saying, this Australian household doesn't have quiche as our go-to meal on a regular basis, in fact I can't remember the last time I had a slice, although I know it would have been my mum's.

So when I get home after school and swimming, to a cooling apple pie and a blind baked quiche case, I'll do my own little elimination challenge and see how I fair with my judges.

As an aside this is my mum's pastry - no fuss, 8oz SR flour, 4oz butter and cold water.  Rub in the butter, add water.  Rest.  Roll and form. Rest.  No fuss, works beautifully, tastes great.


Julia said...

Wow, what a gourmet cook you are. Your lucky family. Enjoy! That apple pie would make any tummy happy. x

Sandy said...

yummy! love your new banner!