Wednesday, June 27, 2012


From top to bottom:  broad beans, peas, broccolli, leeks & onions, lemons, lemongrass, limes (overripe now).

There has been a lot written about how much you can produce in a small garden if you choose to focus on the possibilities rather than the limitations.

I have longed for a large garden FOR.EVER.  I adore our garden and absolutely squeeze all I can out of it, but I have always longed to walk in my garden, from fruit tree to nut tree, to my small olive grove, basket on arm, collecting produce along the way.

That, however, is not my reality, but I've decided to focus on what I can squeeze in and then squeeze in a little more.  As well as all mentioned above we have an orange tree, a cumquat, a blood plum, a large strawberry patch, a bay tree, numerous rosemary bushes, copious amounts of parsley, tarragon, thyme of varying kinds, savoury and thai basil.  I've also planted 3 long rows of garlic this year which I'm excited about and hopeful for.

I have just ordered a morello cherry and two blueberries and intend to keep them in pots for now, in perfect sunny spots out the back.  When summer approaches we're going to put in a lazy bed at one end of our front lawn and the tomatoes can go there, along with Florence Fennel and a zuch or two - they like space.  Basil of course will be squeezed in everywhere.  Potatoes, I'm getting a couple of old style bins for those.

I'm really excited about accepting the reality of what we have, finally, and seeing all the possibilities for the spaces not yet being utilized.  I'm also considering trellising the side of the house for pumpkins as they love to climb!  I haven't mentioned that to Geoff yet, he's not quite as keen for a "Mediterranean" style garden as I am.


Melissa said...

We've just moved and I am busy planting (and squeezing in) as many things as can fit in our small yard. Despite being a small yard I enjoy pottering about in it. My father in law has rampant pumpkin vines; the butternuts have grown up through the trees and look fabulous hanging up there!

Sandy said...

Your garden is lovely. It really doesn't matter that it is small, it's the love you put into it that brings out its hugeness.