Monday, June 04, 2012


A very fit active girlfriend of mine, one who exercises for the love of it, tells me I don't eat enough.  Apparently I have a good diet, full of all the right things, but I need to eat more regularly.  I don't eat much during the day, a coffee and one slice of toast for breakfast, lunch around 1-2pm, then dinner.  I just don't get hungry.  I am trying to make more effort to eat more though - it sounds wrong though doesn't it?  Apparently to get your metabolism moving you need to exercise more and eat more - that kicks your body into action.  So I need to eat more often, eat meat more than I do, or protein at least, and get my butt moving more.

My body is so crackly and stiff, it really makes me wonder if something isn't wrong.  I bend down by splaying my legs wide to reduce the depth of my bending, I mean, that's not normal is it?  I know the more you exercise the looser you can feel, but honestly I feel so stiff and sore in my bones that I've made an appointment to be sure it's not something more than middle age.

It's so easy to put off what you intend to do.  I'm full of good intentions, really on a daily basis, but find it so easy to be distracted by nothingness.  I need deadlines, I need structure, I don't operate well without plans, without commitments, in that situation I tend to fritter away hours of my time with nothing major to show for it.  Moving forward into being home full time for a while I need to get better organised - with my diet, with committing to exercise, to deciding how I'm going to fill my days, to making the most of my time with Leila at home.  I've been putting off thinking about it, honestly trying to avoid it, but I need to start trying to nut out what the rest of my year will look like.  I want it to be good, not just time passed.

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kristi said...

i don't think i eat enough either, it is an interesting concept. my naturopath is always telling me to eat more and more protein with every meal. i do workout nearly daily, but they say 80% of it is what you eat. i try and cut up a bag of veggies every afternoon and munch at school pick up, but i can still feel my body is not getting what it needs.

ps. sounds like you body is begging for some yoga lovely.