Sunday, March 23, 2008

You CAN have too much chocolate

Leila snuck two mini chocolate eggs this morning while we were distracted by Ella's more serious hunting. Ella didn't have chocolate until she was about 2 1/2, Leila is half that age and managed to down two. It's now almost 6pm and she has slept only half an hour all day - next time I think we'll wrestle it from her.

The hunt, which I LOVE preparing, is over quickly - our big girl is too clever, I think next year I'll have to over rather than under restimate her intelligence. We made clues (left by the Easter bunny) and with each clue was a few pieces of a homemade jigsaw. Once all the clues were collected and she had all the jigsaw pieces she put it together to lead her to hers and her sister's Easter surprise. I just love it, love the anticipation of Ella and knowing, or more hoping, that these memories will stay with her forever in the same way my parents made similar memories for me.

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Lara said...

Oh this does look like so much fun - I miss easter egg hunts so much (I'm yet to grow past them). I totally get what you mean re wanting to make the experience as fun for your girls as it was when you were growing up - I'm looking forward to doing the same one day.

Anyway thanks for your comment on my blog. The acommodation was booked through and was located right near tower bridge :)