Monday, March 03, 2008

Girls Everywhere

I have a little production line going at the moment and am feeling inspired. I sold a doll to a lovely woman in California recently and she said the loveliest thing after receiving the doll "I just wanted to share with you the impact your doll has had on my daughter. She's close to being one year old and obviously to young for a doll, but I set the doll on her bookcase for her to look at everyday. She smiles at it and calls it "baby." Baby is one of her first words next to bye bye. We say good night to it every night and she'll call for it everytime she wakes up from slumber. So precious!!I hope you sell more of your exquisite dolls. I've told my friends about your workmanship and kindness, so don't be surprised if you get more sales!"

I'm not sharing her comments with you to brag, but to share with you how wonderful it made me feel. She included a photograph of the doll in her new home and honestly, I couldn't have been prouder. As much as the little bit of pocket money is nice, it's the thrill of someone appreciating the dolls that I find so inspiring. This same lady went on to order another doll for herself and an extra outfit for the original one. Not only that but the next day two more dolls sold to another person who turned out to be her best friend. Those girls are now also on their way to the US and I hope they're received as warmly.

To those who don't know me well I come across as extremely confident and in many ways I guess I am, dealings with others, communication in general and such. In terms of self belief though, I'm quite fragile and don't tend to believe my own good press. I don't know why, at almost 40 years of age I still struggle to understand myself - how crazy is that.

So, dolls, they're on the table, in the kitchen, my bedroom - all over in various states of creation. I hope they find happy homes the world over.

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Lindsay said...

They really are exquisite Victoria, you are very talented. What I like best is that even though they are so beautiful, they still look like they are made for playing with and can imagine them being really loved by their owners. The listtle gil in the US is going to love playing with hers as she gets older.

I love the fabrics you choose for their clothes, the dress in the picture is stunning (I'd actually wear one like that in the summer myself! Gosh, it's bad enough that I often wish O\s clothes came in grown-up sizes let alone doll ones!)