Friday, March 21, 2008

Nose Bleed

Funny post name, funny photo, you'll figure out what it's all about after reading more.

We have been out in the front garden the whole day spreading mulch and river stones, cleaning up, replanting, it looks great.

Leila loves to play in her pram, she climbs in and sits there surveying the surrounds very happily. At one point in the afternoon Ella wanted a turn in the pram and when she went close to Leila "something" happened. Ella said "Mum Leila made my nose feel funny" but she wasn't upset, crying, more just relaying, I said something non committal like "you're alright, never mind". A few minutes later Ella screams "Mum, there's blood". I turn around and Ella's hands and face are covered, I mean covered, with blood and it's running out of her nose and seemingly her mouth - although I think one ran into the other. We laid her down, pinched her nose, Geoff got tissues which we plugged her nose with, cleaned her up, cuddled, sat on the couch, ate chocolate and all was well again. You know what happened, apparently our gorgeous blonde one, our 14 month old baby pushed her fingers up big sister's nose and gouged inside them causing a rather severe nose bleed. What more can I say??


Pina said...

I can only say that Ella seems to be a very patient girl... Oh, if I only remember what kind of fights I had with my brother! We were like dog & cat, never getting along.

Christelle said...

Just to wish you a very nice Easter ! Big hugs to the girls