Friday, March 21, 2008

Boogy Woogy

I would have taken photos to share but as we were all dancing in our underwear/nappies I felt perhaps they were a little risque.

Do you recall the Seinfeld episode, the one where Elaine unwittingly humiliates herself at a work Christmas party? It turns out that everyone cleared the floor when she started dancing and the tag line was "but I love to dance". Last night the girls and I were dancing, in a state of undress, in my bedroom with some tunes from itunes playing. Our playlist of four songs worth of frenzied dancing, in case you're interested was:

Digital Love by Daft Punk
Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John
Layla by Eric CLapton
Sound and Vision by David Bowie

After four songs I was completed knackered but felt amazing while it lasted.

It was a dancing day yesterday. When Geoff and I were on the train platform going to work yesterday morning I had his ipod on and was listening to Digital Love. I don't wear those little earplug headphones well, I must have funny shaped ears as they just don't stay in. Geoff recently bought some new headphones and they have little silicon funnel shaped things on the earpieces so they really fit inside perfectly and it's complete surround sound. We were waiting on the platform and I wanted to listen to that particular song. It was a cool morning but the sun was streaming down and completely dazzling. I felt good, the music was just what I wanted to hear and I so wanted to dance on the platform, I mean full on dancing. I would have, except Geoff would have died of embarassment, I so wish I had though. It was a moment that I wanted to seize and perhaps it sounds silly that dancing in a strange situation in front of dozens of strangers was seizing the moment, but for me life was so sweet in that single moment. Do you know the feeling I mean when you travel, when you have no time commitments, when you can be where you want when you want, that feeling of invincibility that we wish we could keep in our every day life? The feeling that means you want to go on travelling forever to keep a hold of that feeling? Yesterday morning, in the sunshine, listening to that music I was flooded with memories of so many things in my life that had made me feel good, it all washed over me and the dancing, that was the outward manifestation of that joy. As it was I just jigged, to myself, it felt good and I embarassed no-one.


Pina said...

You know, even reading this post made me stop for a while and think and remember... I know exactly what you mean. I just wish such moments would come more often in life.

ginny said...

What a great story. I love that feeling... when your whole inside feels like it's going to burst. Sometimes I get a glimpse of it when I'm rocking out on the elliptical machine in the gym. I've come close to belting out a song. Instead I just dance with my head (and spare everyone my off-key voice!).