Saturday, March 16, 2013


Leila    Our fairy child.  Always happy to have her photo taken.  We've had our last Wednesday off as part of our transition to school, full time now... boo hoo.
Ella      So much harder to get snaps of this love, she's busy with drawing projects from dusk to dawn.  New characters and stories being created almost constantly.


Sophie Allen said...

Really lovely, love that first one especially.

Suzie @ The view from here said...

Pretty pictures. I love your little girl's flower band and I have a compulsive drawer / doodler too! Glad to have found you via Jodi's project.

kristi said...

i know, boo hoo, i could do wednesdays with tate for the entire year.

CC said...

Lovely photos. The flower garland! So cute.

I wish my kids were happy to have their photos taken. They see the camera and run