Monday, March 25, 2013


I've mentioned our over abundance of basil before.  Both my freezer and bridge are full of pesto, which I love, but it was time for something different.  We buy this basil oil each year and it's delicious, but why not use what's to hand for an even fresher version?

Ratio of one cup of basil leaves, picked, cleaned and dried, finely chopped (not blended) by whatever means you like, added to one cup of olive oil.  Add to a pan and gently bring to a simmer then turn off and leave for a minimum of one hour (I left for 5!).  Strain through muslin and bottle.  You can see in the second shot that this one still has quite a lot of basil particles, so I'll need to pass again and then perhaps through a coffee filter so it keeps for longer.  The taste?  Summer on a spoon.

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Elsie and Joan said...

Great idea, will try this out! Belinda xx