Sunday, March 31, 2013


I've talked about the tradition of Easter hunts in my family and think it's not something everyone does.  Geoff certainly never did in his family, not with clues anyway, just the hunting for chocolate kind.  It's the highlight of the girls' Easter, more so than the chocolate.

This year the Easter bunny had Leila read her clues now she's a school girl and Ella had cryptic clues with the answers in a word hunt.

I'd liaised with the Easter bunny and at the end were handmade Maggie rabbits for each of them and, of course, some chocolate.  The rabbits were adoringly received - so so worth the effort of every stitch, plus a hundred times more.  Enjoy the time with your families.

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kristi said...

we never hid the tiny chocolate eggs growing up in america, but we did have to hunt for our easter baskets which were filled with small games, treats, and a chocolate bunny. here, i sort of combine the two. the boys like the hunt part more then the chocolate eating.

the girls bunnies are super cute.