Friday, March 22, 2013


Time to start the cut over from summer to winter gardens.  We still have Amish Paste tomatoes coming through although I've pulled out the raised bed and the remaining three types of mini tomatoes.  The cucumbers have finished up, the beans from mum and dad still flowering and fruiting.  Eggplants still on the plant and more flowers set.

Today I pulled the last of the purple carrots and three plants of basil from in among the finished tomatoes.  I had to display the bunch of basil in our letterbox as I'm without a gardening companion these days!  From those plants I picked 500g of leaves and made ....... more pesto!  The cayenne chilils are starting to turn red but the habaneros are only just coming on.

After a minor gardening injury from a planting stick in went some of the broad beans into the carrot and fennel bed, Chantenay and Early Nantes carrots and some parsnips went into the tomato bed.  Need to wait for the other bed and veg to finish before I can plant up more broad beans, broccoli and cauliflower.  Anything I've forgotten?


Ruby Hoppen said...

Wow doesn't that basil just look amazing? We are deciding what to do with our little veggie patch for winter. I want pumpkins but we don't have enough space!

Susan said...

I love broad beans! Wish we were putting in winter veg but still so busy with finishing off the house that we don't have time yet... shooting to at least be organised for a summer veg patch!

CC said...

Your garden is looking very green and productive. I've just started thinking about the winter garden (it still feels like summer). Our zucchini and corn plants have come out but the tomatoes are still hanging in there (just) and we have eggplant coming through, too. I should really just pull out those straggly tomato plants. I am thinking about broad beans and beetroot. Carrots never seem to work for us.

Elsie and Joan said...

That basil is impressive! Our habaneros are just about ready to harvest now, what do you do to preserve yours? I'm new to this gardening malarky, loving it but still a bit clueless! Also, do you think it's too late now to plant cauliflower and broadbeans for winter or do I still have a window to get them in? Belinda x