Monday, March 04, 2013


I'm into commitments right now.  I like to think that generally speaking I am a person of my word, that I follow through on my promises to others, that I am accountable and committed.

I find good eating easy, but it's a commitment like many other things.  Talking to a friend recently I realised that commitment comes in so many different forms and healthy eating/food is one of them.  I have many challenges that I face constantly, but food isn't really one of them.  By that I mean that I'm not an emotional eater as many would describe.  I certainly fancy different foods depending on my state of mind (always mushy food when feeling unwell), but treat foods aren't a weakness for me.

I'm not a natural exerciser.  I didn't grow up playing team sports and in fact in my teenage years anything in a team caused me great anxiety.  I was never the worst, but hated letting anyone down and therefore found the dynamics of netball and softball, quite stress inducing.

My husband is a runner.  He runs for pleasure, for health and fitness, but also as relaxation.  If he needs to think something through, he goes for a run.  I've tried, over the years, but again I'm not great at it.  My hips and knees ache and I'm not naturally suited to it.  I do walk, fast, with a friend, doing 8kms in 50 mins a few times a week, but there's a lot of puffed conversation in that time.  My commitment to myself in terms of exercising was to just do it.  To not wake up and think about the reasons why not, but to just get out there and do it.  Now I'm enjoying it, it's fun, I look forward to it.

I have many dreams, but I want to start creeping towards making them real.  My love suggested this, he's sweet like that, thinking of me at all times.  We were talking about me studying a while back and I expressed concern that my area of interest (psychology) stressed the need to undertake Statistics straight away.  I've heard so many agonise over this subject, across many field over the years, and worried that it would put me off from the get go as I'm no maths genius.  So my love suggested courses here.  They're free and provided by highly esteemed schools and professionals.  So I'm enrolled and commencing this one today and this one in a few months.

So I'm just committing to things that I like, I'm interested in and giving it a go.  I'm trying not to over think and trusting that clarity will eventually follow.  I take great pleasure in ticking off lists and moving ever forwards and these new commitments to self are an extension of that.  I never want to look back and think of all the things I put off, all the excuses I found, but want to know that I looked, I tried, I gave it a go.  What more can any of us ask for?

PS  I do know my link to today's lunch above is tenuous, but well heck, it makes sense to me!

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Kristi said...

i am looking up to you right now...just so you know. after children is huge question mark for me.