Sunday, July 22, 2012


My Mexican toned lap quilt has found a new home in our lounge room.  These fabrics make me feel very alert and provoke thoughts of warmer climes, spicy food and street music!

Many years ago, when I was in my early 20's, I was on my second trip to the US and Canada and had taken a trip down into Mexico with a Swedish boy who was absorbing my attention for those few moments.  His name was Magnus.  He was a forester in Sweden in the summertime and earned enough that he travelled for the winter months.

We went on a bus down to Tijuana and continued south a few hours by community station wagon, squeezed between locals carrying dogs, chicken, you name it, all the cliches were in that car.  It was hot and sweaty and I was very content squeezed up against my Swede.

We stayed a few days in a beach side town, the name I don't recall.  We swam, we cartwheeled on the beach and we sat talking for many many hours in a little shack that made tacos, the real deal, while we sucked on 60c Coronas.  He baked, he sewed, he was a bit of a revelation for those moments.

These colours remind me fleetingly of that place, at least two lifetimes ago.  Something I haven't thought about for so very long, part of the path that led me here to my little gang.  Mostly though, I am enjoying the sheepy smell of the Matilda's wool batting and figuring that you can actually fit two adults and two increasingly bigger small children happily under a moderately sized lap quilt.

My words read Made for the four of us to snuggle under on our couch on chilly nights.  July 2012