Friday, July 06, 2012


I have to share a few words about a couple of books I've read lately.

The first is The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski.  I'm not particularly wordy in reviewing books, in the same way that I can't fabricate fancy terms for why I like a particular wine, but I know what I like and this book is a cracker.

It's a small book in terms of its focus, on one family and their lives, their livelihood and lifestyle focussing on the breeding of "Sawtelle dogs".  I'm not generally fond of stories involving animals, but one of the main characters in this book is a dog and the chapters written from her perspective are so poignant, you forget it's from the perspective of an animal.  It's a sad book, but didn't reduce me to tears, so sad in a good way - definitely recommend it.

The second book I HAVE HAVE to mention, is the first in the Game of Thrones series.  I am never fond of the mixing of books and movies/tv programs - particularly when I've experienced a strong connection with whichever came first.  Most recently We have to talk about Kevin, the movie was greatly disappointing to me after having found the book enthralling, the focus was completely different to the book, which I don't really have an issue with as it's a different medium and it shouldn't necessarily be the book brought to life, but sometimes it just peeves me off.

I adore the Game of Thrones series.  I'm not normally a fantasy watcher (unless you include True Blood), but this series is so gripping and the book - even more so.  The books are big, the first is 800+ pages and super tiny print - but I love lots of words in a book, makes me feel like I'm really getting a lot of bang for my dollar.  This book is the series in print, but with even more.  A lot of the dialogue is so true to the series and yet I don't find myself comparing the scenes in that annoying way that makes you tend to skip sections.  I think it may be because although the characters are true, in the book the ages are younger and so you don't feel you have a direct character moved from screen to book.  They were married a lot younger, everything happened younger and it wouldn't be as acceptable on screen.  Even though you know what's coming I've been gasping aloud and on the train had one hand gripping my book and the other hiding my eyes while I peeked through because I knew what was coming!  I've asked Geoff to get the second book for me as I only have 300 pages left and I intend to devour every one of them this weekend!

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