Wednesday, July 04, 2012


We took a short family break on the weekend to mark the end of my job, just trying to tie the ends up to mark the beginning of something new and different.

Anyone in Melbourne will know that the weather is super super moist at the moment, in fact the wettest June in a long time, or is it even ever?  Some may say not the best time for the beach, but I love it at anytime and hey, it's only water and you dry.

We rented a house and for the first day lazed around as we arrived later in the afternoon.  On Sunday we donned everything that we had that was warm although I'd left our Gortex jackets in the hall... and headed to Cape Schanck.  I love this part of Victoria, there are some amazing bush walks, gorgeous coastline and it's a little wild as well.  The shot above of the stairs at the Cape remind me of some parts of Big Sur which make my heart flutter to think of.

(Trying to show just how cold it was - our breath was like a fog around us)

Afterwards we went to T'Gallant for lunch.  I think this is the fourth time we've been and the first time we've stayed as it's packed every time.  The only table left was an outside one under a gazebo with some gas heaters - open to the elements at the front.  We were try and stayed, it was fun, although poor Leila babe feels the cold and in the end her lips were purple despite wearing all her layers and some of mine.

Back to the house to defrost before taking the girls for a surprise on Sunday evening here.  Dark as, cold as and a little rain thrown in for good measure but it was so much fun, even better than I'd expected.  We'd love to go back early morning as it was hard to see so to know exactly where you could go.  Also some of the areas were restricted for children after 10am, so an early start would be perfect.  The only downside, a weekend evening, well there were a lot of snogging late teens and that's, frankly, a little offputting.  I don't think there's any way they'd be up at 7am, so there's a plan!

A perfect start to my new chapter, with my favourite guys, just being, with treats, but enjoying what I love most.


Julia said...

That looks like a chilly but gorgeous time away with the family. I don't know that part of the world very well but you've inspired me to give it a go. Love your photos. x

Sandy said...

That certainly is nice way to celebrate the ending of your job. I bet the hot springs were amazing, certainly looks it. Cheers to your next chapter!

Umatji said...

looks glorious. nothing like a lighthouse to say celebration as far as i am concerned!

Sarah said...

HEy Vic,

We went away for the weekend as well. We always seem to go for costal areas don't we?! Yup we got lots of showers but as soon as they were gone we were back out in kayaks etc. Lots of wet cold boys but they had the most georgeous old deep narrow bath and it was used lots of times!