Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Some days I find it harder to parent than I do on others. I feel tired today, a little lack lustre and would love to just do things for me. It's not a case of not loving my babes, not wanting to be with them, but some days it's just harder.

What I find a challenge, on days such as these, is the guilt. I feel so guilty for just feeling a little can't be bothered. Getting out the coloured card and making a Rapunzel tower just isn't so appealing but not making it causes that guilty feeling.

I'm not a big fan of tv for children, although don't misunderstand me, my girls do watch tv. I personally just feel ..... guilty if I use it as a babysitting tool. I limit its use to 30 minutes, otherwise I feel like an utter failure. Summoning up the energy to go for a bike ride feels too much but gosh, that makes me feel ..... lazy.

There's been plenty written about Mother Guilt I know, but it still surprises me. My recompense for inactivity and lack of enthusiasm today, will be donning my togs and submitting myself to a public bathing exercise before swimming classes today. I'll play a hungry crocodile, be the Fairy King and nibble my little ones toes when she's not looking. I'm not looking forward to it right now, but I'll do it anyway and I guarantee that within moments I'll be giggling with her and my guilt will just melt away. I'll try and remember that when I'm next having a moment, that they are only .... moments.


Sandy said...

you a wonderful mother, and you are exactly right, what you are feeling is just one of those moments. we can't always be the super mom, but you certainly are a very good mother. your girls are very lucky.

Julia said...

I promise you, your girls will not remember your tired moments/days as a mother. They'll remember the bike riding, pool playing, cookie making, crafting extraordinaire they enjoyed growing up with. x

Sarah said...

We ALLLLLL feel these moments. We all have days/moments like these.

BANISH that guilt! All it does is make you feel poorer. You are doing just fine and are human and they can then feel okay when they are having those days. It is all about self care and showing the girls how best to deal on these days.

You are a great mum - I have said this before. GO with it and ride the dump - you know it gets better... though I know while in it it does not feel like it!

CC said...

Ah, yes, there seems to be something new to feel guilty about every day. If I can make it from 6:30am to 4:30 pm without turning on the TV it feels like an achievement (after Playschool starts it's a free for all). Small victories but I'll take them. You're doing the best you can. Sometimes it's hard.