Wednesday, February 22, 2012


After my weekend away I realised that I don't really know all that my camera can do. Jo's love of photography also reinspired me to try harder to do more, other than just shoot. I did a photography course, gosh when I was in my late teens (!!!) with my first Nikomatt camera which I still have and love. I remember taking photos with the lens wide open and watching while the trams rattled past down Glenhuntly Road in Elsternwick. Of course back then we had to commit to trying to get images printed during the forthcoming week, if our chemist could accommodate, and we'd critique them together afterwards. So amazing, really when you think how fast things change.

The lovely thing about meeting new people is the new perspective, what you share and in turn what you take away with you and are inspired by.


Julia said...

Great captures. You will treasure those up close pics of L's little face in years to come. She looks so young captured up close. x

Kiki said...

It's even better when you have such good material to work with. I always adore your pics. It shows you enjoy taking them to begin with.