Wednesday, February 08, 2012


She declared it a good day, although the extended session time has left her completely whacked today, that will take some getting used to.

Her current favourite passtime is colouring. Why colour at the table when you can colour on it?


Sandy said...

glad she had a great day!

handmade romance said...

so nice!
colouring is the best if only i was that small to sit on the table : )

Lizeylou said...

I remember sitting on the table when I was little to draw. Such good memories.
I have a little girl doing 4 yr old kinder and one starting 3 yr old - so many changes but its so exciting too! Hope your daughter is enjoying it all!

Kiki said...

Oh she's so divine. I think I might sit on the table and read my magazine tomorrow. I'll see how that goes ;)

I hope she has been enjoying Kinder.