Saturday, March 03, 2012


The weather, well what can you say. We're almost at the point of putting on the heater while the ran pours down outside.

Some of my family live in the NE and last time they had floods my eldest brother's house was badly damaged. Mike was with them then and well and they couldn't have managed without him helping them. This time they're sandbagged and ready, but they'll have to manage alone, hopefully they'll come through without damage this time.

Back into bread making around here if the weather stays cool and it's close enough to Easter to start cranking out a few hot cross buns. Yum.


Christie said...

I am sitting here knitting in front of the fire, crazy seeing at it is the start of autumn!

Those bagels look delish!

manda said...

yummm. yesterday i heard myself mutter..i need a bread-maker. i just need three of me to do all the things i want to do.. anyway.....those bagels do look delish! x manda