Wednesday, March 07, 2012


It's hard to find good bread, in a supermarket at least, around here. I love real bread, but we don't have anywhere super close where I can just pick up a loaf.

I'm not into grain breads. I can handle it for a sandwich but not for toast, it tastes too much like it's "good for me", if you know what I mean. I prefer a piece of white bread, nice white bread, doused in butter and jam.

Because I can't find a commercial loaf I'm happy with I'm going to tinker with recipes I have until I find a low effort loaf that's good for both toast and sandwiches. Most of the recipes I've used in the past are for heavier, denser loaves and the girls aren't so keen on them. This first attempt is a Simple Milk Loaf from Dan Lepard's book. I'm resisting the desire to slice the crust off hot, it smells so darned good.


Miss Muggins said...

I can almost smell it from here!

Sandy said...

yum! so awesome you make your own bread. ray likes store bought bread, so i don't make bread much. i wish i did when i look at your yummy photos!

Lizeylou said...

Oh my ... that looks pretty damn tasty, and yes LOTs of butter and jam - lots and lots!