Friday, December 23, 2011


I was simply too weary to tackle gingerbread houses this year. We have made them every year, but this year I've been kind to myself and just said, I can't manage it. We did, however, made gingerbread trees. We've had an extra child on board, a dear child to us, for the past few days, but the dynamic of three is a little challenging. She's Ella's best friend and the two of them are very tight, so the little one feels left out. It's a hard balance, sharing, but allowing the older ones space.

I confess about 3pm I was wondering why I had to do extra things to drive myself crazy, like baking gingerbread in 30+ weather. But, they had fun and honestly, that's the reason why you do these things, or why I do at least.

Tempering chocolate for peppermint bark was a disaster in humid weather, so I'll give that a whirl again in the morning.

We're off to my outlaws for Christmas Eve festivities tomorrow but right now I'm going to sit in the garden and enjoy a glass of prosecco with a slice of lime. Chin chin.

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