Sunday, December 18, 2011


Nougat has been on our Christmas baking/making list for the past couple of weeks. It's been scheduled as a gift for kinder and school teachers, along with mint and orange truffles, salted caramels and gingerbread snowflakes.

I haven't made nougat before, but was quite entranced when I saw the lady from Dolci in North Melbourne making it on the SBS Italian series. I thought then that I'd like to give it a go. I probably would have sooner than now, except I'm not terribly fond of nougat, and it's always more fun to make goods that you enjoy consuming yourself.

Today though, with tomorrow being the last day of kinder, was d day.

How would I describe nougat making? Not difficult, but a bloody nightmare to clean up and very hard to cut! In the recipe I used the pieces were completely square, perfectly, flat smooth and perfect. Our are a little more rustic and believe me when I say both mine and Geoff's backs went into cutting up the buggers - they're tough.

So, the taste, I actually don't mind it at all. It's so pretty. I think I'll have a massive wash up again as Geoff's family would love it. Tomorrow, truffles.


two little buttons said...

looks great. well done...

CC said...

That looks delicious. Pistachio and cranberry is a great combo. I am very impressed. I put any recipe requiring a sugar thermometer in the too hard basket.