Monday, December 19, 2011


What a difference a year makes.

Kinder Christmas concert 2010. Tears, not wanting to go, refusing to put on her tshirt or anything resembling Christmas. Me sitting with her in the performance, singing all the songs, doing all the gestures while she cringed behind me. The concert ended with me saying thank you to the teachers in tears, desperate at how poorly I was mothering my littlest child, not knowing whether returning for a second year was the right thing.

Fast forward to 2011. A little girl who couldn't sleep last night because she was so excited about the concert. Her outfit chosen days in advance and laid out in readiness. A little girl who didn't take off her Christmas hat once, despite the fact I know it and her tinsel was itching her.

A little girl who grinned from ear to ear, sang, did movements and beamed at her parents and sibling, and both sets of grandparents who stood watching her in awe. A little girl who ran over and declared today "the happiest day ever".

What a wonderful year it's been for her.


two little buttons said...

this bought tears to my eyes, well done on slowing down and giving her that year, what a special celebration her kinder concert was.

Sarah said...

Aw that was so lovely to read! What growth! So lovely to compare the two.

Way to go! Both of you!

Julia said...

What a gorgeous little poppet. So happy for her and you all. Now you can watch her bloom. x

Sandy said...

yeah! all she needed was time to grow and she is certainly growing into a lovely, confident girl.

Emily said...

That's wonderful! Well done and happy times to you all :)