Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Oh and there was brioche too. I felt like some fancy raisin bread so decided this was the go. Reading the recipe I had to hand (Gordon Ramsays Desserts) I knew it had to be wrong - you can't combine 250g of flour, 240g of butter and 6 eggs and get anything resembling an enriched dough. I doubled the flour and it was perfect. How do you let them know their recipes are wrong - particularly when it's Mr Ramsay? OMG this brioche is delicious, I've eaten 3 slices only 10 mins out of the oven, with even MORE butter on top. Next time, more sultanas, but no time to worry about that now, I'm forgoing dinner for another slice, or two.

Of all the cooking that I love to do, baking is what I love most of all. If I had my time again... Really though, if I were to change tact at this point in life, I'm not a night person, which is required if you're a true restaurant chef, but a morning person. I'm used to getting up early now I've had children, I like my own company.... Could I really work from 1am until 9am though and then be a mum, no!