Sunday, June 12, 2011


A very foggy frosty morning where we are. Awake as always before 7am I finally managed to remember the Farmers Market which is on monthly around the corner from us. We were very pleasantly surprised as it had a lot of lovely suppliers. We bought Green Eggs , Happy Fruit, unsprayed apples, last of the strawberries which are suprisingly sweet, leeks and a few other bits and pieces. Gosh you can just tear through money at markets without even noticing.

Came back and enjoyed some of the spoils with hot pancakes. Could the day begin any better?


bec said...

Such a small world; my daughter's uncles (her Dad's brothers) run Happy Fruit; she was at Essendon Farmer's market yesterday helping one of them at the stall; I think the younger brother was at Whitehorse. Awesome fruit, my kid loves the pears and currants.

CC said...

I know what you mean. Whenever we go to a farmers' market it all looks so fresh I just want to buy everything and it all adds up very quickly. Your breakfast looks good (and you have bananas - what luxury!)