Friday, December 24, 2010


The stockings are already laid out on the beds and the Pommery is chilling for the grown ups. We always have speccie drinks and snacks, listen to some festive tunes, perhaps watch a festive show, read the Night before Christmas, perhaps take a walk to look at the Christmas lights near by.
I'm particularly pleased that this year I've already wrapped all our gifts. Normally I'm wrapping until all hours on Christmas Eve, which is part of the excitement for the first hour, then your back starts aching!

Dad's taken the girls for a swim. I think the little one is struggling with the anticipation a little. Some of us take it as excitement, I think she finds it a little overwhelming, all the build up. A little physical exhaustion should help to distract.

Merry Christmas to you all but particularly to Bec, who will receive my scraps in the new year! Thank you Bec - email me your address and I'll have them to you Jan!


bec said...

Ooh, how exciting! I just got home and read the post, what a cool suprise! Thank you!

Kiki said...

I wish you a lovely Christmas day and your stockings or rather, the girl's stockings are gorgeous. I love all of the colour, not much of a traditional red and green girl myself.

Miss Muggins said...

The stockings are gorgeous.

Wishing you a beautiful day with your loved ones xx

Selina said...

Merry Christmas!