Friday, December 17, 2010


Last day of school today. Ella's 2nd year of school is almost over, can't believe it.

Yesterday there were class parties and there was a prize for the most festively dressed student. Ella won, the best dressed in the whole school - she was so chuffed and it was all her own work.

A sad day for us though too. Ella's best friend since 3 year old kinder is leaving not only the school but the state, they're going about as far away from us in Australia as they can, they're moving to Darwin.

Although Ella finds it very easy to make friends, this particular girl has been her rock for the last 4 years. She is the friend who never fails who, who never has an off day, who makes her feel loved and understood. She is a special girl and I love her not just for herself but for how loved she makes Ella feel. Her mother has been a very dear friend to me too. She was the first person who welcomed me at 3 year old kinder, she remembers the special moments in my life and I know she looks out for my Ella as she does for her own, we support each other and our children. I will miss her greatly. Their leaving has all come in a rush and now there's nowhere near enough time to say goodbye properly. We will make photo albums for them to remember us; we are buying a pc camera so the girls can Skype; we are keeping them very close in our hearts. They will be oh so missed.


Tania said...

A curve ball like that is nothing short of awful. Friendships like that (which has the bonus of reciprocal Mum trust) are truly a blessed thing. Long live Skype!

PS. Well done you Christmas Ella, you.

Kristi said...

i have tears...i know it is so hard. this is exactly what terrifies me about getting settled here...the pulling apart. xo.

ps. i am even proud of your little ella.

Sandy said...

It'll be hard for Ella to lose such a close friend, but no matter the distance, I am sure they will still remain close. Love the tree costume!

Kiki said...

Ella sure does look fantastic and she deserved to win considering this is her fine work.

I have tears too, you've made me realise how valuable friendships are even when you are so young and likewise with these little people's parents.

Miss A's best friend (a Kindy friend too) has American heritage (1/2), in fact she was born in L.A. and Miss A tells me when they're older they will live next door to each other over there. I'll face that hurdle when it happens.

The internet and Skype will keep them going, do they plan on coming back to Melbourne in the future?