Sunday, December 05, 2010


An early Christmas with my family at mum and dad's. With siblings spread over Melbourne and into the north east we have lunch in early December and it somehow makes Christmas last all the longer.

An early start today, the girls loving every moment in nan and pa's back yard which is infinitely more interesting than ours - partly due to the bird life (can you see the King Parrot), but just because it's theirs and it is so lovely.
We did some nursery shopping sans enfant this morning. A Cercis Forest Pansy to be a feature tree in our newly landscaped and nearly finished back yard. Together with a Tahitian lime and Navel orange to be espaliered along the back fence, as well as new and interesting herbs to fill in the gaps and perfume the air.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Victoria! I've so enjoyed your blog this year and always smile when I see what you're up to. Lx

Kristi said...

i love love love this photo.

Jasmine said...

Oh king parrots are such special visitors! That looks like a very pretty garden they've come to see.
I love the choice of additions to your garden too!

Helen said...

Hi Victoria,
I think fairies live in that garden as it's so beautiful, full of colour and such a romantic feel to it.
It was lovely to see Leila's appreciaton of the unfinished budding hydrangea bloom and the desperate wish to have that lovely doily on her dress. I can just see it on a 'Heidi' looking apron on a pinafore. Perfect for a special little person who can appreciate such simple but beautiful things in our world. I hope you're having better days with her.
Have a lovely Christmas and wonderful holiday.

Sandy said...

Merry Christmas! This is a really wonderful photo.