Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Thank you all for your very thoughtful and helpful comments. I need to relax. I have to resist overthinking things so much; I'm going to stop, listen more, play more and just see how she goes.

We had a lovely walk today, a mother child walk, leisurely, stopped more often than walking. Picking every flower that hung over a fence; collecting sunny boys from the footpath, checking for fairy houses and stopping to make leaf whistles.

In the years to come one of the things I'll miss most about no longer having small children, is that special and unique company on the most routine of outings. Walking with a small child, simply to the shop to get the newspaper, well it's so so special and I realise as time passes, how much I'll miss them. It actually makes my heart ache just thinking about it.


Kristi said...

it makes my heart ache too, but when i think about my mother and i (now in the present) when were together i think our time is still so magical. i don't think the "special" ever goes away it just changes. i hear ya still hurts the heart.

Christie said...

Yep, I feel like the last few years have flown & find myself keenly aware that this stage is drawing to a close. It's as if I haven't soaked it up enough.

Sending them both off in school uniform next year is going to kill me- where did my babies go!?