Saturday, October 23, 2010


I think I can characterise the authors I like and the books I like as all adhering to a certain type. I like my books as I like the people I like, thoughtful. I like books that have a certain type of character, emotionally complex characters, with history.
I saw the movie first, with Robin Wright (no longer Penn) and Keanu Reeves. I love Robin Wright, I find her absolutely gorgeous to look at, fresh and incredibly handsome, but I like her performances too. She is actually the perfect actor to play Pippa from the book, it couldn't have been better cast.
So, it's hard to talk about a book that you read after seeing the film adaptation, particularly so in this case as it's so utterly true to the book. The characters are the pages come to life and it's precised into a whole film perfectly.

There aren't many big moments in this book. There isn't a tangled and complicated plot to explain, it's basically Pippa's life from start to age 50 and all that has happened in that time. It's about how we find ourselves at a certain point, how it can be easy for some to just accept and not question whether it's enough, it's about ultimately choosing oneself.
I loved it. I'm only sorry that Rebecca Miller has only three books, I've loved them all. Hers and Siri Hustvedts books have been favourites this year.

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Christelle said...

I saw the movie as well and I agree with you, Robin Wright was amazing. I should read the book as well. Thanks for the advice.