Saturday, October 09, 2010


The masterchefed sausage rolls and cupcakes; they were made over with eye make up, lipsticks and sparkling hairspray and lunched on the things they'd made, together with mixing their own mocktails. A gorgeous group of girls, all sweet as and a party that was not only fun, but easy. I think we've reached that age where it's almost enough just to be together.

The most beautiful of all 7 year olds. Smiling from the moment she arrived and she hasn't stopped since. Already the greatest of friends, so very gentle and kind, sweet and oh so lovable.

Happy Birthday darling love.


Kristi said...

happy celebrating.

ps. that cake is so special.

Sandy said...

Your cakes are always so amazing! Happy birthday Ella——you're so lucky to have such a loving mum.

Kiki said...

Happy birthday to the beautiful 7 year old. She is so gorgeous Victoria and once again, you have outdone yourself with that special cake.
Honestly, I felt some little tears with your last lines there...I relate so well.

Evie said...

this sounds and looks like such a lovely day!

two little buttons said...

wow, i wish i had a girl , looks like a great party. they all look so happy, and you have done a wonderful job. i love seeing parties that are at home and there has been effort like you have done put into them, well done... now to convince hugo that he would like a cooking party !!