Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I seem to be moving as if in treacle in terms of getting things done for Ella's party. I feel like I'm moving a lot, doing a lot, but very little is getting done! This morning included trips to Lincraft, JB HiFi, Officeworks and the $2 shop - all in different locations - all on the list. Four ticks, thank goodness, but by lunchtime Leila and I were ready for a nap.

5m of butterfly garlands sewn - tick. 12 aprons edged with ties, only pockets left to add.

I go to my paying job tomorrow, so best get a move on.


Jasmine said...

Ooh I hope we get to see some seem to be making quite an effort! (Beautiful butterflies!!)

Sandy said...

Love the butterflies!

CC said...

Yikes. It sounds to me like you are getting a lot done (but I know the feeling). The butterflies look lovely.

Kristi said...

when i read "12 aprons edged with ties" my heart melted...this party will be special for her.