Sunday, August 02, 2009


This week was my third pottery class. Each class is only two hours long and it's not long enough, the time flies and there are only 7 classes.
The first week, the first time our teacher, Lesley Ens, demonstrated we all thought, wow that looks easy enough. She centred the clay first time, she seemed to tease the clay up and down and into shape with only her fingertips. She produced gorgeous deep noodle soup style bowls in a matter of minutes. Then it was our turn - let me tell you - she's a professional and she makes it look easy. Don't get me wrong, it's great fun but there's a lot of energy that goes into making that clay move and it takes quite some time to start reading the clay and what it will do. These three are my first week's effort.

Then there's trimming, something else I didn't know about pottery - although how I imagined you got the foot rings on by turning I have no idea. So that's what the shot of the upside down pot is. You leave the clay covered in plastic so it dries off but doesn't harden and then you put it back on the wheel and trim off the excess clay and basically tidy and finish. I found this part quite relaxing, like binding a quilt, the finishing process. Having said that, the two hours went way too fast. Next week's the half way mark - and we haven't started cups or plates or glazing yet!


Kiki said...

As you can tell I read your other disco post before this one! WOW, you're more than a novice you know. Your work looks beautiful, especially for someone who has done so few classes.

Look forward to seeing it all finished.

Miss Muggins said...

That's ace. Learning pottery is on my to do list, for one day.

Peta said...

They look fantastic! I remember pottery at school (back then it was more about the clay fights LOL) but I'd love to do some classes one day.

Anonymous said...

ohhh I'm so, impressed, I'm so jealous. oh! oh! oh! can't wait to see the finished product, but what a wonderful experience. on my love to try list too.


Sandy said...

They look so great! Have ever had ceramics before? I'm happy you're taking the time for yourself to do this.