Sunday, August 23, 2009

She swims

Leila is now in classes on her own, although we have a play swim afterwards so I don't completely avoid chlorine hair and skin. So cute, watching them finally become a bit independent in the water, reassuring too.
On the same topic, Ella's chosen a pool party at the local pool for her 6th birthday which is in about 6 weeks. Today we went shopping and bought her first bikini, which she wants to wear on the day. She looks gorgeous of course, very skimpy mind you, but if you can't wear at it at 6, when can you?

PS Is it just my outdated pc or is anyone else finding Blogger a little less friendly these days? Moving photos is a nightmare and I simply can't even get them to go where they've been asked to go!!!!!

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Kym said...

Hooray for Leila! And lucky you. We should be making the same transition next term and I'm soooooo looking forward to sitting out of the pool.