Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tournez a droit

Thank you all so much for your kind and supportive words on my Direction post. It always makes me feel better to share the pain. I know it's not original but knowing your feelings are not unique, that you're not alone in the challenges you face, it is encouraging, it feels like you're supported. I haven't "met" any of you, and yet your words make me feel better.

So, I'm turning right, I'm facing a new direction and trying to get the mindset to match.

I realised ways to improve my immediate situation, some I can do something about NOW, others are more a work in progress.

1. My youngest monkey is just that, a monkey. I have been losing patience with her too much too often. She's not naughty, but she definitely knows her own mind. My first born is a very compliant child, very obedient, yet when I write that I find I cringe a bit. I've found Leila a challenge because she has known from a very young age what she does and doesn't want and it doesn't often coincide with mummy's first preference. I was yelling, too much, I'm not proud of it. It wasn't working, I felt out of control and it showed. I have been taking deeper breathes, asking not demanding, giving her time to come around to what I would like her to do, being more appreciative of her efforts, and it seems to be paying off. I have have read Krista's blog for ages and love it, but have often dismissed her NVD writings. Perhaps that's something I should pay more attention to.
Image from Vlitig

2. I have to make more time for me. I've enrolled in this - something I have wanted to do for the longest time and Geoff has committed to get home in time for me to do it, which is a HUGE deal for him with the hours he works. Thank you my love. Hopefully my ability will match my enthusiasm! The images above are care of Vlitig - yet another example of her many talents - but I love their shape and would love to make something similar of my own.

3. I am reading more and watching less crap on tv. It's too easy, to switch on and surf for the least objectionable show - something we did far too often. This is a surprisingly hard habit to kick - I realise how much I feel the need to complete shut down and disconnnect, Geoff too. A good book really helps provide the motivation to resist the crud.

Image from Pigeon Pair

4. Creating. I haven't been doing anything for a while. A lot of the stuff I do tends to be machine based, rather than handwork, and as my sewing room is our dining table, Geoff isn't too keen for me to crank it up at all hours - see 3. mindless tv. I love Christie's handwork, but she's so gorgeously precise, I'm not sure I have such lovely straight, neat stiches in me. My mum did cross stiches for many years, she has some gorgeous patterns, perhaps that's more my thing.

The biggest check remaining on my list to tackle, for now at least, is fitness. I've been doing a dvd I have at home, but haven't yet managed a memership anywhere. I just can't find a spot for it, the ongoing sessions that is - pathetic I know, if I wanted to I would. I am full of exercise excuses I know that, but I'm trying, little by little. Anyone in the eastern suburbs who needs a motivating exercise buddy - drop me a line - I work better when I'm letting someone else down if I skip a class!


Kiki said...

Huge smiles from me as I read about Leila, you know I share the same feelings with my two and in that precise order of course. I think the second babes really struggle not being able to do what the firstborn does - all the time.

If only I lived in Melbourne still, I would definitely join an exercise class AND help to motivate you skip one or two sometime...for chocolate and coffee instead ha ha ha.

Congratulations on the pottery class, it will be fabulous and I cannot wait to see your creations and hear your tales.

two little buttons said...

reading this post is an exact mirror of my life. its like you have just changed the names of the children. and i to have been yelling and feeling out of control as well. thanks for sharing its so nice to know you are not alone !!
i started seeing a personal trainer 6 months ago, once a week. i can't let him down so its great, he challenges me mentally and physically which is what i need to feel good, it has helped me soo much.
take care

Bek said...

I'm glad you are feeling better about where things are at. Good luck with the exercise thing I started a new (as in first in a long time) exercise regime about 3 days ago... and I feel so much healthier already, and I keep thinking to myself, why don't I do this ALL the time? Have fun at pottery class too! Can't wait to see some creations!

Christie said...

Hmmm, maybe it is a 2nd child thing, she sounds like willow!

As for exercise, for me i have to have a reason i must go, i can't do the gym thing. An exercise buddy sounds perfect, if only i lived a bit closer... Don't give up on the idea though, you just need to find what works.

Oh & THANK YOU!! But you know i stitch in front of the TV!!

Sandy said...

Your two are like my two. Chloe is a spitfire, and Tyler just goes with the flow. Yes, exercising is quite a challenge isn't it? Having a workout buddy is the best motivator out there. Wish we lived closer too! I am starting to wear stretchy-waisted pants. Ouch! I have 11 months to get back into shape. My brother-in-law is getting married. That is my motivator now. I've always wanted to take a ceramics class myself. Good for you that you are taking the time to do that. Hooray!

vlijtig said...

Thank you for linking to me. I wish you a lot of succes and fun in your pottery-lessons!

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you are getting your mojo back! Good luck with the pottery course, look forward to seeing the beautiful things you make.