Sunday, June 14, 2009

Productive distraction

I was working on Leila's quilt during the week when Ella asked me if she could have an offcut from the batting, a long scarf like piece of bamboo batting. She was wearing it as a head shawl and asking if she could keep it to use for exactly that. At this point I became distracted "would you like me to make it into a really special scarf" to which she answered "yes pleeeeease". So, with thoughts of Ella and Leslie in mind I made one for Ella the first day and one for Leila the second. The back of Ella's is an old fine wool jumper that had a hole in I couldn't fix - I didn't have a green one for Leila's so hers is just homespun on the reverse. So much fun to make, so cheery, there's one in the works for me too.


Feronia said...

Gorgeous scarves, 13mimosa! All good thoughts to you as you re-orient yourself on the path :)

Kellie H said...

you are off to a great start there!!

hard to think of scarves when it is in the 90's here =)

leslie said...

seriously gorgeous! they look super cushy and warm : )