Monday, August 27, 2007

Unseasonally Good

This past weekend it was our annual inlaw offsite and this year we headed to the beach.

We were based in Inverloch and drove to Wilsons Prom on the Saturday and had lunch on the beach. Of course apart from sandwhiches, there were the compulsory scrambles on the rocks, building of castles, dipping of toes in the icy waters, kicking of the footy. Another group had carried in icy beers and bottles of white wine, which of course led to "why didn't we think of that"?

It was a great weekend, most notably because of the wonderful time big sister had. She adores her big cousins and I hardly got a look in all weekend. The highlight was sharing a bedroom with her big cousin, 8, in twin beds side by side. She seemed very grown up this weekend. The littlest one was into mischief - by golly she can move fast now - and it's always nice to have many more pairs of hands to share in the cuddling. Next year there's a 70th birthday in the mix, so it will be an extra special weekend away.

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