Friday, August 03, 2007

More an A-line girl

Leila's still teething in a major way, 3 teeth across the top all at the same time. She's so good natured, but is more demanding of chat and cuddles at the moment. As a result it's been harder to get to anything this week.

I bought the material from Amitie last week and have been trying to make something. Ella's been keen for twirly skirts so I managed to quickly churn one out this afternoon. It doesn't look at twirly as the last one, but I think I doubled the width on that so it was even fuller. I think it looks good though (although perhaps not great for winter weather!), love the spotty material. I'm wondering if it would translate well for me. When you get to a certain age though, or perhaps more body shape, a full skirt on the waist is a little harder to wear. I'm more a smooth a-lined skirt girl myself.

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