Sunday, August 19, 2007

Magnolia Square

A friend mentioned the Magnolia Square market to me a number of months ago and thought it would be something I'd like. She suggested that it might be a good venue for me to consider having a stall at some time in the future. When I checked their website it look far too posh for anything I was yet in a position to cater for. Regardless a girlfriend and I managed to have the kids minded for a few hours while we went off to check it out.

The market was smaller than we expected, probably only about 30 stalls in all, and a probably a slightly different selection of products than we were expecting too. There were a few really good products, but there were also more commercial operations mixed in. We visited Patchwork on Central afterwards and in chatting to one of the owners she mentioned that it had changed quite a bit over the last few years. She said that previously it was more the handmade items, but had changed a little. Don't get me wrong, there were a few stalls that were fantastic and made it so worthwhile, but a lot that washed over me too.

This image, Freckles, was one of a number on display by Erin from Little Living Spaces. Erin refers to them as childrens artwork, so I guess that confirms that I'm a big kid as I could happily hang any of them in my bedroom, they appeal to me so much. I love that they are illustrations, but they are so clear that they almost seem to rise from the canvas. In this one it seems that the scarf is more a photo image which adds to the illusion. As you can tell my art appreciation vocab is rather limited - suffice to say they wowed me. Something else to add to my one day wish list.

For ages I've been trying to find a particular style of shoe for Ella - simple, smart, stylish - but have found it very hard to find. There are European styles available in the stores that are in the style I like, but at $130+ for a pair or children's shoes, that's a little rich for me. Then in one corner of the market was the lovely low key ChookLeaf stall. The shoes are exactly what I've been looking for and a great price at only $55. As they're based on the Peninsula I otherwise would never have come across them. The problem then was figuring out what size Ella would be as they're made on old fashioned blocks so sizings are not the commercial standards. As it happens we figured it out, the lady was sooo helpful, and they fit like a dream.

The packaging (which of course was destroyed in Ella's opening enthusiasm) was delightful with a "chook leaf" to seal and the care instructions are just so adorable - I love this care to detail in a product - I hope you can read it.

I also bought a cute little tshirt for Ella from Red Wagon. She's so keen on playing nurse and ministering to the needs of all her toys that this seemed perfect.

So I managed to find a couple of things I would otherwise never have heard of, I consumed a delicious passionfruit cupcake with my coffee and managed to spend a few child free hours with a new friend - all in all a good day.

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