Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Every now and then

there is a moment when I'm so grateful for all I have. If you knew me, perhaps you would or perhaps you wouldn't know (and I say perhaps because some think I'm hard to read whereas I think I'm totally transparent) that I can have a tendency towards being a grass is greener girl. When there's so much you'd like to achieve and you, at times, feel that you're running backwards, it can be ... frustrating.

Tonight the girls, although both full of colds, went to sleep without fuss. My husband and I chatted in the kitchen, he over a Little Creatures beer and me over a glass of red. We sat to the dining table over our dinner and chatted in a way it seems we haven't in forever, probably since the babe was born at the start of the year. I looked over at our couch, completely dishevelled but covered in pillows and lit so welcomingly by the dimmed downlights, and thought, my life is good.

You know when you live with someone and you've known each other for so long (12 years for us) and you forget to really look at each other? Well there are moments when you remember to really gaze into each others eyes and you're surprised at all you're reminded of there. I looked at G tonight and remembered who he is to me and I felt lucky. I thought of the girls in their beds, my somewhat disorganised and not quite spotless house and thought, I'm lucky, very.

So, I'm now retiring to that comfy couch, with my even 'cumfier' man and I'm going to have another glass of red and watch an episode of Entourage with him. He'll scratch my head and I'll fall asleep about 10 minutes in.

Sleep well.

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