Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pay It Forward

In the daily checking of my favourite blogs I came across a mention on Marianne's site about a craft swap doing the rounds. Marianne made a "promise" to send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who left a comment on her blog requesting to join in the PIF (pay it forward) exchange. The gift will be a surprise and you will receive it some time within 365 days. The other part of the deal is that the recipient of the gift (in this case me) makes the same promise on your blog.

So, in the same vein, the first three to comment on this exchange will receive something handmade from me within the next 365 days in return for you paying it forward and making the same promise on your own blog.

Today is a catch up day for me. I still have all my gorgeous fabrics from Amitie sitting on the table, but haven't had a moment to do anything with them. Today is washing day - yeah! Yesterday was a drying day and today is an ironing day - all 4 loads of it! Where does it all come from? I'm not an ironer by any stretch, I think it's somewhat a generational thing. My mother in law, bless her, irons everything - knickers, teatowels, everything. I love it when she helps out with washing because everthing comes back smooth and gorgeously pressed. I am trying to do some ironing these days, simply because ironed things take up less space in the cupboards then the scrunched up unironed versions.

I collect Ella from kinder shortly too - quarter past. I had a horror moment on Monday and got my pick up times wrong. I was sauntering down the road to kinder, chatting to Leila in the pram, eating an apple when in the distance I could see everyone leaving. Needless to say my saunter turned into a canter and I was the last one there! Poor Ella, she wasn't teary but she was borderline. I'd promised myself I'd never ever have her be the last one there. I got my quarter to's mixed up with my quarter pasts! You know what it's like though, now it's in my head I can't think straight and am worried that I'm wrong even when I know I'm right!

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