Friday, July 20, 2007

Where the day goes

One of the thoughts I have most often these days is "where did the day go". A comment made not just by myself but other friends who are the mum of small children, is that the day went by without us sitting down at all and yet we feel that so little has been achieved.

When I really think about it though, I'm not surprised that by 7pm my weary body is loving the couch. Aside from the general mothering and household duties, add a few extra things into the mix and there's a day.

This weekend we're off to my parents' place, they live in "the hills" to celebrate a Christmas in July. It's something we've talked about forever, but have finally decided to do this year. Coincidentally there have been very low snowfalls this week, not far from where they live. In fact Mt Leonard, which you can see from their back porch, has a covering of snow. The idea is that it will snow for "Christmas" - unlikely, but a great thought.

We'll split the cooking duties when we get there, but I'm preparing the dessert today - Danish Christmas rice pudding with hot cherry sauce - it's delicious. My parents were introduced to it via their dear friends Ebbe and Majken. Coincidentally when we lived in London close friends of ours were also Danish and had it too, so it became our Christmas dessert. I'll be sure to post some of the finished product - your mouth will water when you see the chilled rice pudding topped with hot cherry sauce!

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