Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hot Cherry Sauce

This is my portion of the dessert that I enthusiastically consumed yesterday along with copious glasses of champagne, rose, red wine and Spanish sherry to finish. Sounds like a real Christmas doesn't it, absolute over consumption. I think we started eating around 12 and finished around 4 and didn't eat again that night - apart from corn chips, home made hommous and cleansing ales (at least for dad and pa!).

I was in bed by 8:30 which was of course a signal to the babe to wake and start pestering mama. She's been teething for the last couple of weeks now, is full of a cold and just can't push these pegs through. I know what the "experts" say, that there is no evidence to say that teething causes any real illness, but certainly both my girls were under the weather with most of their teeth and generally just clingy with their mum.

Big sister loved popping the remainder of last year's Christmas crackers and baby sister was content with the gift wrapping.

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