Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Girls in Waiting

Yesterday I managed to cross some to-do's off my ever expanding list and it's so satisfying to do that.

For ages I've been meaning to get across town to Amitie, a fabric shop in Bentleigh that I've heard a lot about. I never used to think much of driving 45 minutes to visit a single shop but now, with the girls, more of a sense of resposibility of not using the car too much and a general laziness, I am less interested in doing so. Nan and Pa came with us though, so it was an outing rather than an errand.
The shop is gorgeous and I had to restrain myself from buying some of absolutely everything. The women there were really warm and friendly too - sometimes more specialised shops can feel a bit exclusive - but that wasn't the case here.

I opened my Etsy shop in June and have only managed to list 3 girls and have a bag full of them almost ready to go. I have been trying to get out to buy trims to finish their dresses without success - illness, various commitments have blocked me at every turn. Some of the materials and trims I bought will mean they can finally be dressed and added to the shop. My motivation in the trip to Amitie was two fold-as last night I also bought one of Allison's gorgeous foldover tops for the babe and I want to find some material to make a skirt to match. I found some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric to make the babe a little aline skirt to match in with the charcoal of the top - can't wait until the top arrives.

So there's material for Leila's little skirt, some extra material for summer twirly skirts for Ella. I've used this House on the Hill's pattern a number of times - it's super easy and comes up really well. Now I need to exhaust my real two girls so I can get working on all the other jobs I need to do. Add to the mix the hankering I have for homemade gnocchi and it's a busy afternoon ahead!

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